Terms and conditions of Rental

a) Hirer must produce a valid Singapore Class 3 driver's licence and identity card (Singapore Citizens and PRs) or International driver's license translated in English with passport (foreigners) and foreign licence. Hirer must be aged between 23 and 67 years old and must possess minimum of 2 years of qualified driving experience. Hirer will be required to bring along their credit card for purpose of credit card guarantee. Insurer may decline coverage if documents provided is insufficient.

b) Rates include insurance, maintenance and unlimited mileage. Minimum charge is one-day rental. Late return is chargeable at one fifth of daily rates for every hour of delay. Hirer must strictly adhere to return timing as stated during booking. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. All rates are quoted in Singapore currency and inclusive of GST (Goods and Service Tax).

c) Hirer have to pick up the car within an hour of the booking time failing which Alpine Car Rental reserves the right to cancel the booking and no refund will be given.

d) Hirer have to inform Alpine Car Rental of any delay (not exceeding an hour) in collecting the car failing which Alpine Car Rental reserves the right to cancel the booking and no refund will be given.

e) All rental vehicles are for Singapore use only unless you purchase the Malaysia use surcharge at S$40 per day. Subject to prevailing GST.

f).The insurance excess amount is $2000 for Singapore use (Comprehensive) and $3000 for Malaysia use (Third party coverage only). Excess subject to prevailing GST.

g) Hirer agrees to return the rental vehicle with the same level of fuel (unleaded 95 only) as rented out. If the level differs, a S$10 service charge subject to prevailing GST and the cost of petrol will be chargeable.

h) In the event that the rental vehicle or its replacement suffers a breakdown or accident in Singapore, 24-Hour Emergency Breakdown service will be provided free of charge to the hirer. Punctured tyres due to striking of road kerbs, failure to switch off electronic devices resulting battery failure empty petrol tank, loss of car key or key left inside locked vehicle, does not constitute a breakdown and when our 24-Hour Emergency Service is required to respond to such incidents, a service fee between S$30.00 to S$50.00 will be chargeable. Replacement of car key - Chargeable. Replacement of tyres - Chargeable. Replacement of battery - chargeable.

i) The hirer must inform Alpine Car Rental if he/she wants to extend the rental period and it is subject to availability. An advance payment must be collected in order to extend the rental period, failing which the hirer is driving without proper insurance coverage.

j) Cancellation/Amendment Policy: In the event of any cancellation Hirer will be required to call our office to confirm the cancellation. Hirer must give Alpine Car Rental 48 hours notice to cancel/amend a reservation without penalty/charge. For cancellation/amendment less than 48 hours, Alpine Car Rental will only refund half the amount of the total rental fees. No refund will be given if Hirer fails to collect the car on the date of collection.

k) The hirer agrees that should the chosen rental vehicle is not available on the day of collection, Alpine Car Rental reserves the right to replace with another model equal or higher category.

l) This agreement between Alpine Car Rental and Hirer will be deemed invalid should there be any inaccurate/incomplete information provided while making a booking. Alpine Car Rental will call to verify the information provided by hirer after the booking has been made and the cancellation of booking due to inaccurate/incomplete information will be conveyed to hirer by email.

m) Further details on terms and conditions will be provided on the day of collection.